Baking Radio Episode #44: Twelve Steps to Yeast Bread, Part 3

The last episode of the series explores exactly what occurs when yeast bread goes into the oven to bake. Learn whether or not your bread needs a wash brushed over it before baking, and find out what washes are made of. Discover how yeast bread develops their structure, and what happens to the proteins and starches within the dough to create that structure. Proper cooling is discussed as well as proper storage techniques to prevent staling.

Baking Radio #42: Twelve Steps to Yeast Bread, A Series, Part 1

Learn the twelve basic steps to creating any yeast bread. Whether you are making an Italian bread, pizza dough, coffeecake or Danish most yeast bread recipes follow these twelve simple steps. In this first of a three part series, the first three steps of yeast bread are discussed. Learn how to measure the ingredients most accurately for the highest quality yeast breads. Chef Gail explains just how important mixing is to the texture of your final baked good. The third step is fermentation and once it begins it doesn’t slow down until the dough is baked.


Baking Radio Episode #41: Baking with Kids

Baking with kids can certainly be a challenge, but it can, also, be very rewarding and create some wonderful memories between you and your child. Chef Gail has been teaching children to bake for over 18 years. She shares her knowledge and tips on how to know when your child is ready to create some wonderful foods with you in the kitchen.