Baking Radio Podcast Episode #31: Cookie Characteristics and How To Manipulate Them

We tend to use adjectives to describe what we love about our favorite cookies. These adjectives include words like: chewy, soft, crispy or hard. Did you know that cookie characteristics can be manipulated by using specific ingredients, or changing the baking time, and even greasing or not greasing the pan the cookie is baked on? Learn how to create cookies that are customized just to your liking.


Baking Radio Podcast Episode #30: All About Chemical Leaveners For Bakers

Chemical leaveners are ingredients that are typically used in quick breads, cakes, cookies and even certain candies. These leaveners include: baking powder and baking soda. Combined with certain wet and dry ingredients in the recipe, these chemical leaveners help the baked good to rise. Learn the difference between baking powder and baking soda and a bit about kitchen chemistry to understand specifically how they work.


Baking Radio Podcast Episode #29: How to Make Truffles

Truffles are defined, and Chef Sokol shares a simple truffle recipe. How to form truffles is discussed along with detailed directions on how to embellish them, and store them properly for the longest shelf life. The many types of chocolate coatings that can be used to dip truffles are reviewed with recommendations.