I just heard from Ann Perillo, the host of Schenectady Today! It really took me back.

I remember being on her show when I was promoting my kids’ baking camp. My own kids were on the show with me. My two daughters had such a blast. We really got the royal treatment, because Greg Millett even allowed my kids to work the cameras giving them a lesson on exactly how to do it.

I remember doing two other shows there as well. Ann is such an incredible person; so bright and talented. She  is a real people person and really knows how to put her guests at ease. Once you meet her you feel like you have known her forever and could tell her anything.

Ann’s show is going into its’ 19th year! Wow! She sure is doing something right.

Kudos to you, Ann!! By the way, I would LOVE to come back for a follow-up appearance on your show. Hint, hint!

Happy Baking!

Chef Gail